Ta' et kig i vores shop her på hjemmesiden eller kig ned forbi vores butik på Haraldsgade 1o1 - ydre Østerbro, hvor vi har endnu flere varer.

Har du specielle ønsker til et design, så hold dig endelige ikke tilbage, med at sende os en mail med en forespørgsel. 

Vi glæder os til, at høre fra dig. 
Anmeldelse: "An excellent cafe with cheerful, friendly and courteous service, and a very pleasant, home-like atmosphere. Excellent cakes and coffee, very fine sandwiches freshly made - including hoummous, mozzarella, and (my own favourite) smoked salmon and salad with home-made mustard with honey. During our stay in Copenhagen we went there almost every single day and enjoyed the experience very much indeed. There is an adjacent little shop with cute souvenirs and hand-made artifacts. There is also outdoor sitting, but inside is also very airy and light (due to the large windows). A very pleasant and quiet place to do a bit of work (there is a good internet connection, and often there are customers working at their laptops or reading on their tablets), to renew one's energy, as well as have a delicious snack and light refreshment. Highly recommended!" 
WEBSHOP Stine A Armbånd
Designcafeen | Haraldsgade 101, 2100 København Ø  | Tlf.: +45 28 58 00 82 |